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Corporate Social Responsibility

Business with a Purpose.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is not a mere chapter in our story; it is the guiding principle that scripts the narrative of our purpose-driven journey. We work towards supporting education, rehabilitation of abandoned children, restoration of works of art and promoting traditional arts and handicrafts etc, to make difference among local communities.

We embrace the noble cause of nurturing bright futures via Amrutha Hastham Charitable Trust and provide financial support to gifted students to pursue higher education through scholarship programs that covers tuition fee, study material, and other essential educational expenses.

Together with Amrutha Hastham Charitable Trust, we pave a path where brilliance finds its way, where determination meets opportunity, and where education becomes the catalyst for a brighter, empowered future.

Gangothri empowers communities through 4 key focuses:



Eradicating Hunger, poverty, promoting healthcare



Supporting students and livelihood enhancement.



Balancing ecology, conserving resources, and animal welfare.


Art & Culture

Preserving heritage, public libraries, and traditional arts.

Gangothri Developers is real estate firm dedicated to crafting exceptional living spaces that transcend mere structures. We create homes that blend innovative design, functionality, and a deep connection to the surrounding environment.


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